“Death can only part you from the person temporarily until finally you reunite with them in heaven forever.”

Passed away peacefully and with dignity at his home on Wednesday 24th February 2021, surrounded by his loving family, Brian aged 79 years of Burslem, now reunited with his beloved wife Carol, a loving son of the late Ellis and Doris the dearly loved and treasured dad of Susan and Jayne, a much loved and devoted grandad to David, Leigh, Harry, Chloe and Isabella, a dearly loved and cherished great grandad to Rylan and Cory, a loving father in law, brother, brother in law and uncle.

Brian, forever young at heart, organised and independent, lovable and kind, caring and genuine, a family man, a spades a spade type of chap, a true Stokie, red and white through and through, Brian was Burslem born and bred, a lovable rogue growing up, he travelled for work and lived in: Scotland, Wales and Newcastle-upon-Tyne. He left Burslem a teddy boy and returned a man.

Brian loved his Yorkshire tea and a good chuckle with his infectious laugh, he loved his gadgets having more than he knew what to do with, his most recent being his electric salt and pepper grinders. He was a huge fan of Amazon and there would always be a parcel with his name on it. Brian loved music and loved to dance especially if the song was a “ripper”. But, more than anything Brian loved his family and has now gone to be reunited with his soul mate Carol

Brian will be sadly missed but fondly remembered by all his loving family and many friends.

Due to the current restrictions a private funeral service will take place at Bradwell Crematorium on Monday 15th March 2021 at 12 noon. There will be a live webcast of the service, for log in details please contact Kevin Lownds Funeral Services

Family flowers only please, donations would be preferred in memory of Brian to the Donkey Sanctuary via the funeral director.

Messages of condolence may be left on this website

For any further enquiries please contact Kevin Lownds Family Funeral Services on 01782 914777

Date Passed: 24th February 2021

Funeral Date: 15th March 2021

Kevin Lownds Funeral Service


  1. My Beautiful Daddy~ I now know your gone, I didn’t believe you had you see, I didn’t want it to be real, too painful- you left so quickly and that left my mind confused, not wanting to truly believe what my eyes saw on the morning you left with Mama for Heaven. I’m so thankful you left peacefully, I hope as you took mama’s hand you heard the special song I played for you~ unchained melody, that song had very special meaning to you and I thought fitting to play it to you. To lose you has left me devastated, I never thought that I’d ever lose my Daddy~ you were timeless, independent to the end, you were and will always remain my everything. A part of me left for Heaven when Mama left, I feel like it’s so much more than a part that’s left me now your gone. I will never ever be the same person again, the big light has switched off and I will miss you for the rest of my life. Save all your kisses for me please Daddy~ I love you ~ forever your little girl ~ Jayne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Daddy~
    I’m coming to see you again today. I must say you’d be so proud of how you look so handsome and smart in your suit. We’ve placed some photos in your coffin so that you know we’re all with you as you rest.
    I didn’t believe you’d gone Daddy, it hit so hard when I saw you knowing you truly had left for Heaven to go to Mama, your Ma, your family. I know your at rest now, no more pain, no more heartache from missing mum everyday since she left. In Heaven I know that you can now see with both of your beautiful blue eyes, you have no illness and nothing to fear. Your in the most eternal place. I pray for you and Mama everyday and our Church hold you on prayer too.
    Life will never be the same again~ I’ve lost my beautiful Daddy and it hurts~ it hurts so much. It takes my breath away. I wished you could have been here so so much forever~ you were so timeless I always thought you would be. It’s my 46th Birthday next week~ if someone would have told me that last year would be the last Birthday I’d get to share with you and mum I’d have said “no way” we knew it was Mums last time with me but not you, I know, you needed your life with mum to continue in the next life, we did have a great day celebrating and how blessed am I that I have my special video of you both on my Birthday. I know you will both be with me~ it was you both who bought me into this world so your going to be with me, watching over me and giving me your most beautiful Angel kisses. I know that you have met your Granddaughter Daisy~ make sure you give her a special hug on Tuesday as she turns 16 years old. I know she’s extra safe now your there.
    Daddy~ please know how much I love you~ I told you every single time we were on the phone and in person. Please hug Mama from me and tell her I love and miss her and kiss her from me, David, Bella, Harry & Chloe for her first Mother’s Day in Heaven.
    I’ve loved you my whole life and I will miss you for the rest of my life. This pain won’t ever leave me.
    Rest in eternal peace my one and only Daddy. I love you~ save all your kisses for me ♥️ Your little girl~ Jayne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hello Daddy; today we will see you for the last time in our Earthly lives~ until we are reunited in Heaven. Today is the day that we hope to do you proud~ just like you did Mum proud the day of her funeral. Can’t quite believe that it’s your funeral today, fills my heart with so much sadness and heartache. Daddy, you are my world, my everything and I never thought I’d ever be without you. Please never leave me, always visit me when you can and pop a little kiss onto my cheek~ bring Mum with you too~ the colour has now left my life~ it’s gone! There’s no colour, no voices, no phone calls no hugs, no kisses, no coffee and chit chats~ it’s all gone!
    Daddy~ today I do everything for you and I hope as my life continues that you send me your guidance and love, never have I felt so empty ~ no mum or dad~ I will miss you eternally, I love and adore you, you and mum.
    Rest in Heaven with Mama. Your truly broken hearted little girl Jayne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hello my beautiful Daddy,
    I think you would have been so proud yesterday, for starters; Spirit in the sky played loudly as we entered the crematorium, you were in the very safe hands of your Grandsons Leigh & Harry, your loved son in law David and Mark. I felt all calm when I heard your song even though Mum always disapproved to your choice you stuck to your guns and we happily approved. There were 20 of us Daddy, your beautiful smiling face was there for all to see, I kept looking at you for all your strength h because it was so hard to do, to say goodbye to the most precious Man in my life- my Daddy. Your coffin was adorned and surrounded with a sea of red and white flowers, stoke city colours and their badges proudly on display, and a beautiful bottle kiln paying homage to your roots. We stopped on Enoch street where you were born and we stopped where the Great Eastern stood. I know your at rest in Heaven with mama, but daddy I miss you more than anything. It’s my Birthday tomorrow- the first one without mum and you- it breaks my heart that I won’t see you again, all I have is a video from last year on my Birthday where you and mama are singing to me- I will treasure that for the rest of my life.
    I hope that you were smiling down on us all yesterday and I hope you felt proud that the story you wrote of your life was read out with pride. We sent balloons up to you and everyone who attended received a little envelope with a Yorkshire tea bag in so they could have a cuppa and remember you fondly. You are the loss that has changed my life forever- the lights were only starting to come back on after losing mum then you left and my world went black- heart shattered and I know I will never be the same again. Please hold onto all your loved ones in Heaven, I promise to keep Nana’s grave beautiful for you and today, I’ve adopted Billy O back to our family in memory of you my most precious Daddy in a million. Never leave me- come and kiss me goodnight often with mama- your little girl misses you and mum beyond words. God bless you- rest now Daddy. Love you with all the love in my bones~ your little girl forever, Jayne (Jinny) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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